Banks Journal is a coastal lifestyle clothing brand that focuses on creating sustainable, functional, and stylish apparel for both men and women. This collection of boardshorts features a variety of designs that are perfect for hitting the waves, posting up on the beach, or lounging poolside. Made with high-quality and sustainable materials that are both lightweight and quick-drying, these boardshorts are designed to keep you comfortable and stylish in and out of the water. From classic patterns to more modern and unique designs, Banks Journal's boardshorts are both functional and fashionable. Browse through the collection and find the perfect pair of boardshorts to add to your surf-inspired wardrobe today!
For the surfers out there, you should know our Journal Boardshort has won boardshort of the year; and for good reason. It’s light, durable and extremely comfortable. And if that on isn’t for you, we have a wide variety of fixed and elastic waist options just for you.