Somewhere between aloha and konichiwa—

Waiting for the train somewhere in Harajuku, early morning surf checks at Ala Moana Bowls, an ice cold lemon sour with scalding hot Ramen, a fresh poke bowl and a shave ice, a friendly bow, a thrown shaka, soaking in the onsen, endless sandy feet, karaoke at 3 am, sailboat rides out to the sandbar, land of the rising sun, volcanic mountains and rainbows, woven straw hats, indigo dyed garments, tiki drinks, hot sake.

So many visits and many more to come. I hope this small fun offering finds you well on any coastline or city street you may be wandering, because in the end its the journey that is the part that you will end up remembering.

Matane / Aloha

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