The Folks Behind The Brand: TRISTAN BOWER

When it comes to getting the inside scoop for everything Banks Journal, who better to speak to than the team themselves? First up is our newly appointed Art Director, Tristan Bower. We asked him for some personal insight and highlighted favorites for the season and he answered in style.

What about the collection this season excites you the most? 

The eclectic nature of prints and fabrics on offer is something I find exciting. We have bottoms and tops you can easily mix and match for a nice spring feel, but if someone has the style (and the guts), they can rock the full-kit from head to toe with the Spacey or Lense pieces.

Would you say your style is more classic and neutral or bold and expressive?

Depends on the day or my mood. Generally speaking, I don’t go too far out with different colors together. Usually earth tones, or darks with pops of color. Large and bright screen prints are an easy way to wear color without “wearing” it.

Spring/summer or fall/winter to dress your best? 

Hands down, Fall/Winter. You can layer – which means more threads. 

All-time favorite banks Journal Piece? 

I am new to the Banks family so I do not have a long history to draw from. However, I bought this pair of trunks two years ago with 5 unique colored stripes down the side. Not sure what it was about them, but I lived in those things that summer.

Favorite shoe brand to give your Banks Journal outfit some kicks? 

Converse – 70’s chucks only. And I am also really liking this new eco-brand out of london, good news.

What do you enjoy most about working at Banks Journal?

The small team and ability to directly have meaningful conversations to move ideas forward. It can be a hard thing to do at larger corporate brands. And with that, there is a close-knit family dynamic. P.S HQ is across the street from the beach….  




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