Jared Mell recounts the day one of the best photos of Noosa was ever taken.

"I left Byron bay around midnight with my friend Kane Skennar. We made the three and a half hour drive to Noosa. To sleep in the national car park for an hour. Only to wake up and meet Harrison Roach and Filmer Andy Gough. We got ready and ran up to jump off around the top Tea Tree. Seeing a couple of friends along with way with the same idea, it turned out to be a great morning. We surfed until the tide started to changed and came in to wait for what we knew was coming later that day.

As the tide came in though waves were still pouring through. I decided to grab my 11’3 twin fin shaped by Bob Mctavish for me for his annual trim event. I luckily got a couple of great ones and paddles in to get ready for the tide switch. I paddled our with some friends for the session this photo was taken. Riding a 6’0 edge rail with bonzer concave, a board I replicated with Dave Howell after a board Ellis Ericson left with me. Anyways luckily I stroked into this one that swung wide and I was able to get this wave which was an amazing ride until it ate me. It threw me so far I thought I was going to hit the rocks. Fortunately I made it away fine to continue a fun day of surfing with my friends" - Jared Mell

Photo: Nathan Tyack

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Fuuuuuuuck this photo is amazing! Great memories of Tea Tree ~25 yrs back, never saw it this big though. What a dream

Bob August 24, 2022

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