Lex Weinstein and Elise Crigar are Southern California based extroverts. Most commonly found with salt stained skin and in good spirits, their combined love for the ocean and asphalt has planted a seed of environmentalism that continues to grow and spread roots throughout everything they do. It was this passion for sustainable living that sparked their interest in pursuing a conscious closet, one that reflects an appreciation for a life outdoors and a growing sense of responsibility to make sure future generations will have the same opportunities that we do.
Surfer Lex Weinstein in Banks Journal amongst some flowers
"If you're a guy with a conscience, you're in luck. You've got multiple options for forward-thinking ready-to-wear. Newer men's brands like Banks Journal pride themselves in their efforts for the environment, using organic natural fibers or recycled nylon and sponsoring surfers who also take a stand for the environment" says Weinstein.
Lex Weinstein in Macaw Woven & Big Bear Walkshorts
"Women of our generation are multifaceted, forward-thinking individuals, with an array of interests and passions. We are sexy, intellectual, athletic, chill, driven, creative, tomboys one day and ultra feminine the next. Above all, we are conscious."
Elise Crigar skating in Banks Journal clothing
Lex Weinstein wearing Banks Journal Heart Hat and Sans Tee
"If our dollar is our vote, and corporations are watching, then where we buy our surf and skate goods is a form of activism called Purchase Power. 
Every time we give our money to businesses who make decisions in favor of the environment, we shift the direction of our future. Fashion is dictated by trends, and we decide the trends. It is our responsibility to make sustainability a permanent trend that drives those industry standards forward." 
The skater girls wearing Banks Journal clothing
Even though this brand is technically for the guys, we found the fits (even pants) were perfect for women too. Not to mention they're right there with us on the gender neutrality front, featuring a woman in their latest marketing campaign. Banks' clean lines, slight retro vibe, and attention to detail have us hooked.
Lex and Elise watching the sunset over San Onofre
Many thanks to Lex Weinstein for all the words above and for her all around support for the brand. You can follow her everyday journeys via her instagram.
Connor Guest was kind enough to shoot many of the photos above as well as shot and directed the video at the top. His website is
And thanks to Elise Crigar for the good vibes, ripping photos (some of which are above) and supporting Banks Journal! You an view more of her work over at

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