The McTavish Trim

This past Sunday, in the beautiful slice of paradise known locally as Byron Bay, Australia, legendary shaper and surfer, Bob McTavish, and his team threw their 3rd Annual McTavish Trim Contest. Hosted alongside the Byron Bay Surf Fest, the contest takes place at the local break Wategos, where 18 longboarders were pitted against each other for the coveted title of 'Doyen of Trim'.

Check out the recap video above shot by the talented Nathan Oldfield for McTavish Surf! Much thanks to Hunter Thomson, Dave Thew, Jess Parkes and Matt Ireland for all the beautiful photographs below!

Jared Mell at the McTavish Trim 18 Surf Event in Byron Bay

Taking a ripe 3rd place in this year's contest, and being donned the 'Disciple of Trim', was our very own Jared Mell, the Bang Bang of Boogie. We had Jared describe in 10 bullet points his highlights of the event.

The longboarders lined up on the beach for this year's McTavish Trim 18 Surf Event


1. The trim event was amazing, but my #1 enemy beat me again.... Al Knost
2. The rain decided to shit on everything except for the day we surfed
3. Hanging with the small amount of friends that I have
4. Breaking Tom Wegner's corky board in half
5. Tom telling me to keep surfing on his broken board
6. The 'Art Show' with Ozzie Wrong, Otis Scary & Tim Kerr
7. Peter Crawford's photography show at A Spot Of Genius
8. Alex stealing my own board in the final
9. Alex riding the board he stole from me up onto the rocks
10. Everyone shredding together and staying happy as a clam


The surf crew getting prepped on the beach for the McTavish Trim 18 Contest at Watego's

Banks Journal Comrade Jared Mell trimming along at the Byron Bay Trim Event

Jared Mell longboarding at Watego's during the McTavish Trim 18 Contest

Jared Mell surfing on a slice of heaven in Byron Bay

Jared Mell at the McTavish Trim 18 Contest

Jared Mell and Kassia Meador in Byron Bay


1st Place - Doyen of Trim - Alex Knost – 347m
2nd Place - Devotee of Trim - Christian ‘Wispy’ Barker – 344m
3rd Place - Disciple of Trim - Jared Mell – 342m

The winners of the 2018 McTavish Trim Contest in Byron Bay

Jared Mell hanging heels at Wategos in Byron Bay

Jared Mell tries shortboarding in Byron Bay

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