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Nov 30, 2017

Journal Talks: Simon Perini

A shallow dive into the mind of Simon Perini and his artistic meanderings.

BANKS JOURNAL: First off, tell us a bit about yourself… where ya from, where ya livin now, hold old are ya and how long have you been doin’ what you do?
SIMON PERINI: Grew up in the inner west of Sydney. Been living in Thirroul on the south coast for the last 12 years with my wife and 2 munchkins. Working as a freelance designer for the past 6 years.
Surf photo by simon perini with flowers in the foreground
BANKS: Did you go to school for art or did you create art to get out of school? Grow up in a creative environment, like born to poets, etc?
SIMON: I did a diploma in design and have always been creatively inclined. My family are all inspired talents in some way and creative expression has always been encouraged.

BANKS: Where do you draw inspiration from?
SIMON: All over the place - but i guess some specific examples would be - rummaging through the vinnies (St. Vincent De Paul) bookshelves, making conscious efforts to stop and look at nature and soak it in, childhood vibes and usually just whatever makes me giggle in some way.

Artist Simon Perini's work space with boardshort design on computer
BANKS: Do you have a certain creative process when starting a new piece? Like burn some incense, turn down the lights, sit cross legged on a rug…?
SIMON: Hahaha, I wish I was that focused. I usually just like to just ‘throw paint on the wall and see what sticks’. It’s pretty rare for me to be scratching for an idea . . . its more about finding the best way to communicate that creatively and uniquely.

Vintage burned polaroid photo by Simon Perini of cotton plants
BANKS: So I think you have some explaining to do… what’s up with the graphics on the Sandpit Boardies you did up for us?
SIMON: This was a fun one. I like the challenge of finding new angles on the whole surf/beach lifestyle (i.e. not just having a cactus - but setting it on fire) and to also look at ways of incorporating other more “artistic" pieces that are completely random but also somehow fit alongside the other elements (i.e. a ladder going into a cloud . . . or is it coming out of . . . ?). It can be a bit of a journey getting there, but it’s always rewarding when you arrive.

The Banks Journal Sandpit Boardshorts with graphics by Simon Perini
BANKS: Any current projects you’re working on that excite you?
SIMON: I have a few little things in the works that definitely get me buzzing - and for that reason, I can’t say more than that.

BANKS: What’s your favorite medium?
SIMON: I don’t really have a favorite. I like so many different creative outlets for the different kicks they give . . . a lot of it depends on my mood and what sort of thing I am into at the time.

The inside of artist Simon Perini's work studio
BANKS: What’s the weirdest job request you’ve ever gotten and please say you did it (you don’t have to say that).
SIMON: I probably feel like the weirdest (but also flattering) job requests have been when someone has asked me to shoot their wedding. It’s like this is their big day and they want me to “have a crack at it” with my $5 cameras and total lack of professional skill or experience. But hey, if you like dust on the lens, under-exposed or lens-cap style shots . . . call me.

Inspiration on Simon Perini's work desk
BANKS: Do you think people are born with creative talent or can it be learned? Any words of advice for someone aspiring to be the next Simon Perini?
SIMON: I think we are all creative beings . . . not necessarily always “artistic", but definitely creative . . . it’s more about finding how we best express it or if we choose one “talent” to improve on.  I cannot answer the “aspiring” question – ‘cause I cannot imagine anyone aspiring to be me . . . hahaha . . . like seriously. As if.

For a deeper understanding of Simon's headspace, check out the #CasualFriday Playlist he curated for us on our Spotify Channel. And check out more of his work on his personal website:


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