What really is there to say? Except that if you have legs, or even eyes for that matter, you can see some beautiful things happening amongst all the current chaos. I personally have been walking everyday and I noticed some flowers popping up in different neighbors gardens...and up until recently, I have to be honest and say I haven’t payed much attention to flowers. I can totally see the appeal and I can’t help but wonder about all of things I haven’t been paying attention to. Flowers don’t know or care about all the things we are stressing about...maybe we should be more like them. Bye

Ty is back when we need him most with another mix that will let your mind wander away to new topics and ideas while we wait out the storm that's taken hold. Ignorance is bliss, so open your ears to "The Flowers Don't Know," and maybe you too can become a little more care free like the flowers in your garden.

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