What's the weirdest place you have fallen asleep? I can safely say that I have taken naps in virtually every type of car imaginable (not while driving...) I have fallen victim to the sandman on numerous beaches in varying continents. Passed out while eating dinner on a first date (I wasn't into it!) Caught some shut eye at a concert (I won't name them but it rhymes with Burt Vile.) I am capable of doing something I like to call "teleporting"....I can be asleep before my plane takes off and I can wake up when it lands...unless there is turbulence which makes me sometimes pee my pants. I can sleep while talking and wake up still talking (try me sometime.)

So what does this all say about me? It says that I'm gifted or maybe have a disorder...but hey I'm glad we can agree that this mix is mellow and soft. So go knock yourself out and please don't steal my blanket. –Love Ty

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