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Aug 15, 2019


"Absolutely everyone, no matter where you reside from, has a swimming hole story. Where else would you go to cool off or light fireworks, drink your first hot beer, kiss that special someone, break a limb on a rope swing, or see an awkwardly naked old Man (who may have offered you weed for the first time)? - a swimming hole.....and I love them." - Ty Williams

"As I’ve become a little older and perhaps slightly disinterested in seeing the town local ask me to hold his corona while he jumps half clothed (and shoed) into the abyss, I prefer coming to swim when it’s a bit more mellow and perhaps have it all to yourself for a solo swim (for just a little while) or at least until you hear the trucks pulling up in the distance. Enjoy this mix it’s perfect for the mellow solo swim that we really revel in." - Ty Williams


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