BJ: What’s up Justin. Rad to see you out here again! What’s the newest with you?  

Justin: Yeow! just grateful and grinding.

BJ: The shop looks amazing. I could spend my entire life savings in here. How often are you out finding goods? 

Justin: Between John and I, we try to be everywhere, most of the time.

BJ: So, it’s John Esguerra and yourself behind Single Double...would you say that it’s any what obvious as to what items in the shop are found by you or John? Everything in here meshes so well together 

Justin: Yeah Single Double is John's conceptual baby. The relaunching of SD on Black Friday of 2020 is the beginning of a conversation between John and I in the Single Double space. It really is a pretty even exchange. Our picks are always informed by the ongoing conversation. People seem to pick up on that flow.

BJ: You’ve mentioned that you spent some time living in LA some time ago. Is that where your interest/passion for vintage and other found items came to be? 

Justin: Yeah I met some interesting people kinda in unexpected ways in the vintage world in LA. Many people have taught me a lot of lessons along the way. Maybe the thing that keeps me digging is constantly being reminded that there is always something more to learn and someone who knows more than you.

BJ: The best way really. What’s it like in Chinatown during this pandemic? 

Justin: Chinatown is slowly crawling back. The area has definitely been shaken up over this past year, but it is exciting to feel the dust settling a bit.

BJ: How would you describe Chinatown in Oahu? 

Justin: It's got grit. 

BJ: I couldn’t imagine you without your luscious locks of hair. How much would it take to shave the dome 

Justin: Lol. Luscious.. yeah!! haha.. If you can scrape five or six hundo together, I'll chop it, no problem..!!

BJ: I can’t wait to have a listen to this playlist. Are you a music enthusiast at all? 

Justin: I go through phases, but yeah I like the musics.

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