Maybe it was the culture, the beautiful colors, the history, the music or just the old cars, but Cuba has always been on my list of journeys. This year I finally got to go, and in the best way possible: at the drop of a hat and unplanned....

Lay Day at the beach

These photos were taken driving, walking, relaxing and watching the Cuban life go by in what was an unforgettable trip.

Cab Driver: Cuba Edition

Cuban Streets

We drove almost across the whole island in a huge Chevy-bus-monster, with diesel fumes spewing out of everywhere, Cyrus Sutton dying in the back from a mystic illness and all of our boards strapped to the top.

The vintage Chevy Bus Monster

The Board Stack

View From The Road

We left Havana in a whirlwind with no food and only Cuban rum and cigars to keep our stomachs full. As our Bukowski diets kicked in through the drive, we sang, we danced, and told stories as our big blue machine barreled down the dark roads on a sixteen hour journey in search of waves. 

Mr. Pizza Man

The Curbside Crew

Checking the waves?

Dyed My Hair Pink Because: Cuba

In the end we did find some fun ones, met incredible people, ate amazing food, listened to beautiful music and went through some breathtaking places.

Friendly Local

La Revolucion

Here's to our everyday journeys and the paths they take you on...

Makeshift Bed

Classic Cuban Cars

You can read more and watch the video recap of their Cuba trip over at Surfer Mag here!

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