Racetracks & Relics

Last month the folks at Single Fin Bali assembled a star-studded group of surfers from all over the world for the second annual Uluwatu Single Fin Classic.

The rules for the contest were simple, each surfer had to ride a single fin from the early 80's and they were allotted two heats on the first day before the elimination rounds began that afternoon.  

Throughout the weekend the Uluwatu cliffside warungs were jam packed with spectators and a motley crew of surfers including Banks Journal comrade, Jared Mell, as well as Chippa Wilson, Dion Agius, Ozzie Wright, Koby Abberton, Bruno Santos, Joel Fitzgerald, and Jim Banks.

Both days of the event offered a steady supply of reeling left handers for the contestants and as the drastic, afternoon low tide exposed the razor sharp reef, Racetracks was the setting for the standout performances of the event. Local surfers Made Lana, Agus Blacky Setiawan, and Dex Scotty along with Jared Mell, Ozzie Wright, and Chippa Wilson set the pace leading into finals day.  

Watching some of the world's best surfers share waves on relics from the past was truly remarkable. As a spectator it felt like a complete time warp seeing so many contemporary surfers ride equipment that pushed them to draw unique lines and shed elements of their everyday surfing to showcase other aspects of their repertoire.  

Highlines, deep bottom turns, and drawn out turns were abundant. Jared was at ease weaving down the line, going switch, and judo kicking his back foot out on an original Hot Buttered handshaped by Terry Fitzgerald.

The final heat of the contest had a serendipitous ending as legendary aerial maestro, artist, and musician, Ozzie Wright, was presented the first place trophy on the same stage that him and his world famous band, Goons of Doom, played on for the event's celebratory afterparty.

All in all it was a perfect finish to a radical event centered around the fun spirit of surfing.  A special thanks to Evan Schell for capturing the contest on film and his corresponding commentary. 

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