The only way that you can affect your environment is through movement.

You can’t talk without moving your vocal chords, can’t hear without vibrating your ear drums, you can’t eat without moving your mouth and you can’t see without speeding light particles hitting your eyes. Our entire physical reality exists because you and other things are moving. So here are three tips to get more movement in your life.

1. Do Your C.A.R.s

Controlled Articular Rotation. Every day. It only takes 10 minutes. It warms up all your joints. It loosens up your muscles and it gives you heaps of energy too. A few people have told me it even helps them with their digestion. You can learn how to do them on my website: www.homeholisticla.com/morningroutin

2. Practice Breathing Well

Not only does moving your ribcage feel really good, it also helps you lengthen your spine.  Breathing into your belly has the benefits of providing movement to your organs and it too helps with digestion. 

3. Sing & Dance

I heard Paul Chek say one time that "often, when a client is suffering from depression, a question he’ll ask them is, 'when was the last time you sang or danced?'” Quite often this correlates to a period in their life that requires healing and there are many examples in history of song and dance being used for this.

My girlfriend has been taking all kinds of fun dance classes online lately and she’s been going mad! For me, I’ve been loving all the Youtube techno parties that have been happening. Get involved and dance like no one’s watching, because no one is!

To learn more about Nick, his workouts, and to sign up for a class, visit homeholisticla.com. Thanks again to Ty Williams for the lovely illustrations to lead us through our third lesson.

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