Supplements That I Find Useful

I’ve never been huge on supplements but over time there have been a few that I have decided were worth my time and money and so I want to share with you today what a couple of those are and why they may be beneficial for you too.

1. Digestive Enzymes

Enzymes are catalysts to all the different reactions that go on throughout your body and there are many enzymes that are active in the early stages of the digestive process. Over time, our levels of enzymatic activity decreases and our digestive power goes down too. You can replenish these enzymes by eating fresh fruits and vegetables but sometimes we need a little extra support and this is where digestive enzymes can come into play.

It doesn’t matter how nutritious your meals might be; you could be eating grass fed, grass finished meat, biodynamically grown vegetables and if your digestion is off, those nutrients will be wasted. Enzymes are one way to supplement and assist your digestion so that those nutrients don’t go to waste. As a result you might feel less bloated after meals, more energized and your poop quality might improve as well. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for and so higher quality supplements often come with a higher price tag and so my recommendation is to do your research, decide where you need the most digestive assistance and choose a product based off of your own needs.

2. Trace Minerals

A lot of you reading this probably drink filtered water and that’s a very smart thing to do since tap water is filled with all kinds microscopic nasties as well as chlorine and fluoride, which you don’t want be consuming on a daily basis. What you might not know however, is that filtering your water takes everything out of it, the good and the bad and sometimes we want to add the good back in. Minerals are one of the good things that get removed. Minerals can be found naturally in spring water as they are gathered on the waters journey down stream or from the underground rocks that is passes through on it’s way to collection. Without minerals, it becomes difficult for our body to absorb water and maintain hydration levels as unmineralized water will often pass right through you.

Trace mineral drops are inexpensive and effective at remineralizing your water to not only ensure you are getting enough minerals throughout the day, but also to make sure that the water you are drinking, ends up where it’s supposed to go, which is inside your cells.

If you find that you drink a lot of water but end up peeing more often than feels normal, give these a go and see if it changes things for you.

3. Lion’s Mane

The first time I tried lions mane was on a cold, breezy wintery afternoon. I was about 4 weeks into an elimination diet, whereby you remove many of the common allergy causing foods or foods that cause intolerances and gradually reintroduce them over time. If you have any health issues and suspect that they may be food related, I believe an elimination diet is the gold standard for figuring out what foods are causing the issues. After eliminating the list of foods for 3 weeks, you then introduce each one back in, one at a time, allowing 2 days between new foods to determine whether or not you have a reaction to them. The sense of clarity you get from this is amazing and I feel it is also a great time to figure out whether or not any type of supplement is actually doing you any good.

One of the foods that get’s eliminated is coffee. And so on this breezy afternoon I was craving a warm drink, so I went to Erewhon to fork out a nice chunk of my weekly earnings for a small cup of Lion’s Mane tonic. To my surprise, after drinking only about a third of a cup, I felt an immediate sense of clarity opening up in my mind. It was like all the fog cleared and my brain felt like it was going hypersonic. I’ve since added lion’s mane to my daily routine and find that my ability to concentrate for long periods of time increases, my ability to articulate sentences improves and my overall ability to think clearly is heightened. I can’t speak for everyone, but if you have ever been curious about medicinal mushrooms, I can definitely vouch for this one.

To learn more about Nick, his workouts, and to sign up for a class, visit homeholisticla.com. Thanks again to Ty Williams for the lovely illustrations to lead us through our third lesson.

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