The Four Doctors

One of the pathways toward optimal health is attempting to find a working balance between the things that bring you joy, the things that nourish you and the things that keep you moving. The 4 Doctor model is something I learnt right at the beginning of my career as a way to help people prioritize what’s important to them in their life and how to scale back in areas that might be zapping them of energy. Below is an over view of who those 4 doctors are and what is cool is that we can all check in with docs at any given time to recalibrate and stay on course.

1. Dr. Happy

Dr. Happy is about being clear on what your values are and living in a way that is in accordance with them. He is also about being clear on what makes you happy and knowing what kind of life you want for yourself so that you can wake up each day being stoked to be putting in the efforts that get you there.

2. Dr. Diet

Dr. Diet helps you eat the right way for your body type. This means eating a variety of organic and fresh whole foods with a macronutrient profile that is suited to your cultural background. You can eat too much and you can also eat too little. You can it too often and you can eat not often enough. Minimize eating foods that irritate you and maximize foods that energize you.

3. Dr. Quiet

Dr. Quiet requires introspection and rest. Sleep 8 hours a day, take time for yourself, practice breathing, reading, meditating and learning new things and you can be sure that you'll always have some energy left in the tank.

4. Dr. Movement

Just like food, you can exercise too much or too little. Learning the right amount for your body is important to help you get stronger as well as for pumping fluids throughout your body daily. Some movements will break you down, others will build you up, again finding the right balance of movement is important and varies for each and every person.

With an awareness of the 4 doctors, it becomes much easier for anyone to understand where they might be out of balance either from spending too much time with one doctor and not enough with another. Try this exercise at home and draw draw two lines through a sheet of paper, splitting it into 4 quadrants. At the top of each quadrant write the doctors name, followed by all the things you are doing well and then all the things you need to spend more time doing. This helps you get everything out of your head, allowing you to draw up an action plan with what areas you want to prioritize first. You might choose to go after the low hanging fruits first or you might tackle the one big thing that you know will have the biggest impact. Doing this exercise every couple of months is a great check in and will help you cut the crap out of your life and keep it filled with the things that bring you up.

To learn more about Nick, his workouts, and to sign up for a class, visit homeholisticla.com. Thanks again to Ty Williams for the lovely illustrations to lead us through our third lesson.

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