Connecting with Your Food

I think a very common theme that’s emerged from this quarantine is that people really like getting in the kitchen and cooking up some feasts. This makes me stoked because a lot of us haven’t had the time to do this kind of thing and to be reminded that it’s still fun and "we’ve still got it”, I think is really cool.

This break from restaurant dining has given me a little more time to think about where my food comes from and how I’m consuming it. Being mindful about the way you eat is huge for improving your digestion and gaining the most nutrients from your food. Below are a few thoughts on what it means to eat mindfully.

1. Try Eating with Your Hands

How often do we give ourselves permission to get a little grubby and really connect with our food. You can’t use the germ excuse anymore because right now the whole world is washing their hands like mad, so just don’t worry what it looks like and give it a go. Touching your food with your hands allows you to feel textures and you can really look at and smell what it is that you are nourishing yourself with. All of this adds horse power to your digestive process because your body knows it’s about to get food.

2. Eat Your Water & Drink Your Food

Don’t skull every glass of water you drink. It’s hard to absorb that way. Sip small bits of water throughout the day and keep it the same when eating a meal. When you eat, keep your food in your mouth for a little longer than you're used to. Chew it up into little pieces and allow it to mix with your saliva. Small bites are helpful and so is putting down your fork in between bites.

3. Eat without Distraction

Turn off the TV and put your phone away for a good halfa. Take the time to be present with your meal and allow your digestive system the time and space to do it’s thing. You don’t digest food well when you are in an overly stimulated state and so things like the Netflix and the News can weaken your digestive power.

To learn more about Nick, his workouts, and to sign up for a class, visit homeholisticla.com. Thanks again to Ty Williams for the lovely illustrations to lead us through our third lesson.

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