How to Freshen Up Your Quarantine Workouts

In trying to keep my spirits high and my energy levels in check, I’ve been playing with some different ways to burn energy, build muscle and ease the mind during this quarantine. Here are a few activities I’ve either picked up or been doing more of since I’ve been delegated to my house this past month.

1. Car Pushing

This has been so fun and gives your legs and the rest of your body a really good pump, which is especially good when feelings of boredom or the “I’m not doing enough” thoughts start to creep up. All you need is a partner, a car and a quiet street, with a very slight incline. Have your partner sit in the drivers seat with the car in neutral and start with your back to the car. See if you can aim for 2 minutes, hard out pushing the car up the hill without stopping. When you get to the end of two minutes either swap seats or walk back to the start line and go again but this time facing forward. 2 reps, 2 times is all you need to get a good sweat going and it won’t leave you feeling too cooked afterwards.

2. Fill Your Backpack with Sand or Rocks

You can do all your same workouts but add a little weight to them. If you’ve been training consistently the last month, you’ve definitely gotten stronger and so if you aren’t adding more reps to build endurance, then you can add more weight to increase your strength. Our body’s adapt according to a principle of progressive overload, meaning that if you want to continue to see increases in performance, you have to keep increasing the demand.

3. Get Some Bands

Bands are so versatile and they are cheap, light and easy to travel with, so they won’t go to waste even after this quarantine is over. You can make your push ups harder, you can add in pulls, you can wrap them around your body to make body weight squats and hinges more resisted and there are all kinds of videos online for banded workouts.

I hope these few tips are enough to inspire you to stay active indoors and keep on pushing your body to be better in this changing world.

To learn more about Nick, his workouts, and to sign up for a class, visit homeholisticla.com. Thanks again to Ty Williams for the lovely illustrations to lead us through our third lesson.

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