Holiday 2022

This holiday season we decided to get out of town for 24 hours...

The 2022 Holiday collection balances the timeless lines with the festive colors and textures of a warm mountain cabin. Our Holiday 2022 campaign shoot allowed our Banks Journal team to spend some time in nature and plan for what was ahead in 2023.

From outdoor escapes to quiet moments inside, the team was well-adorned in their Banks Journal outfits… Possibly a little more planned than natural. Our team spent the time in log cabin nested between the Idyllwild pines, and putting around on an old 1972 Yamaha LT2.

Banks Journal’s Holiday 2022 draws on the Danish concept of Hygge, or a concerted focus on fostering comfort and coziness. The snapshots from the quick getaway shows the coziness, with the seasons comfortable sweaters and cozy pants. While the colors lend themselves for the holidays, they’re flexible enough to brighten the whole winter season. With their soft fabrics and clean styles, you’ll reach out for the Holiday 2022 pieces on cool days through the year.

Holiday 2022 online and in-store now. Check out collection here

Images by - Chris Velasco

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