Dear People, we need to do better.

We cannot be idle and let others do the work for us, we cannot sit back and wait for Black people to tell us what to do. It is OUR responsibility to do the work and research, not theirs. ‎We need to be having difficult conversations with our families, friends and loved ones. ‎We need to be doing everything we can.



As people, it is our duty and responsibility to dismantle the oppressive and racist system that we have built. As Angela Davis said, “It is not enough to be not racist, you must actively be anti-racist.”



Racism is taught to us, so we must take the time to unlearn racism and racial bias, as well as helping to educate others. Accepting your privileges can be uncomfortable, but if utilized in the right way, you could help save black lives and take a step towards racial equality.



The only answer is a re-education on the real history of oppression as well as developing the ability to attempt to put ourselves in the shoes of those treated with such injustice. Films are a great way to dive into this subject and see the world for how unjust it is and always have been. Only through acceptance and understanding can we start to dismantle the systematic justice around us.



Reading the work of Black scholars who break down issues of the justice system, policing, and prison abolition are great places to start. Above is a list of our recommendations. You can find more titles dealing with anti-racism here.



We highly encourage everyone to donate what they can to the following organizations to help spread this message and put your money where your mouth is. Every dollar counts. Click here to donate to the George Floyd Memorial Fund, Black Lives Matter, Minnesota Freedom Fund, Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block, Campaign Zero, and/or the North Star Health Collective.

Thank you to Vicky Grout for the words of wisdom. Let's take this call to heart and take action to prevent the lost of more lives unjustly. Please share this and spread awareness. #blacklivesmatter 

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