A few weeks back, our pal and fellow surfer Dan Woodward reached out to us with some breath taking surf shots taken in our backyard of the Australian wilderness. We couldn't help but share some of the snaps that captured our eye in a photo essay taken by Dan accompanied by a few notes about his new found interest into surf photography, his process, and the art of surfing in Tasmania.

"I have grown up on the island state of Tasmania, Australia, a wild and raw place of untouched beauty. Tasmania certainly isn't the first place that comes to mind when you think of surfing destinations, but it's much more than that."

"If you surf in Tasmania, you need to be willing to explore, hike, camp and freeze."

"Passion and persistence is key and when you take the less beaten path there is always a surprise around the corner."

"I discovered photography when sitting in the water, waiting for a set to roll through and just staring in awe of the surroundings. I began taking a cheap second hand Canon with me whenever surfing and shooting before surf sessions."

"Quickly I became more and more excited about capturing the moment as well as just experiencing it. Photographing the journeys and adventures almost made the experiences last longer because I was so excited to view what I'd captured, then relive it later on."

"Surfing is Tasmania is much more than the act itself, it is truly the whole adventure that makes it so special. With this a desire for capturing a new perspective of the way surfers interact with the ocean began."

A big thanks to Dan Woodward for sharing these eye catching shots with us and giving us a sneak peak into his journeys around the beautiful island of Tasmania. Cheers.

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