#CasualFriday With Ty Williams

At the Banks Journal US HQ we tend to celebrate Casual Friday a bit differently. For our inaugural event we invited Florida-based artist Ty Williams out to our office to design and paint a mural over the span of a week on the outside of our office. We then invited the local community over to our place for some food and drinks to celebrate the newest piece of art to hit our quiet streets. This video serves as a quick glimpse into his practice and a nice dive into his thoughts behind the mural.

Ty Williams Mural on the Banks Journal Office Wall in Newport Beach, CA

BANKS: When did you start creating art?
TY WILLIAMS: I have been doodling/ cutting paper/ and unable to complete simple math problems for most of my life-- my mom and dad are both frugal creative people so that helped inspire me to entertain myself a lot growing up.

BANKS: When did you start creating art for a living?
TY: "A living " is such a funny statement but I have been able to buy breakfast sandwiches for a few years now with no real issue because of what I do.

Ty Williams screen printed poster for Banks Journal

BANKS: What was the inspiration behind the Banks mural?
TY: More recently I have been making these patternous paintings and I really wanted to attempt one on a larger scale -- it all came together for this building!!!

BANKS: How long does a mural like this usually take you?
TY: I chugged along but it took about 3 days

Ty Williams Painting a Mural at Banks Journal US Office

Ty Williams finishing his Banks Journal mural

BANKS: Preferred type of medium for art?
TY: Paints, and pens, burritos and ramen.

Backyard Casual Friday party at Banks Journal USA Office

Tacos being served at Banks Journal Casual Friday

Harry The Hat and friend at Banks Journal Casual Friday party

Surf movie screening at Banks Journal USA Office for Casual Friday

BANKS: What keeps you motivated?
TY: A good playlist or podcast is pretty motivating in terms of getting me over the hump to tackle a big surface. Once the painting starts to take shape I don't need all that much motivation and I want to be working on it non-stop, it's addicting seeing things take shape. .

BANKS: What's up with your little playlist you sent through for us?
TY: This little offering of tunes is mellow and a positive vibe, something we could all use a little more of these days. 

 A few words to live by? Or words that you live by? 
TY: My mom always says "It's a mental universe" meaning almost everything around Us is in our head and how we perceive those things - so if we can change how we think we can actually change everything. I also believe "analysis is paralysis": if you are looking at something for too long and thinking too much, it's hard to get anything done, which is why I try to just charge the task and then move on....

Ty Williams holding his poster in front of the Banks Journal US Office mural

Much thanks to our pal Evan Schell for the photos and video! And to Pabst Blue Ribbon for providing the coldies for the party!

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