California Is Burning

The current wildfire situation in California has displaced hundreds of thousands of people and so far has decimated close to 250,000 acres of land including thousands of homes and structures, entire towns, and nature that our wildlife calls home.

Woolsey Fire by Steven Lippman

Photographer Steven Lippman kindly updated us with some photos he's taken near his home in Malibu. After reviewing the devastating imagery that's in such close proximity to many of our friend's houses, we figured there's no time like now to come together and help our fellow Californians where we can. Below you'll find a few links to a few trustworthy causes that are helping displaced families, our brave firefighters, and local wild and domestic animals that are scared, hungry, and in need of shelter.

Fire near Malibu by Steven Lippman

Smoke over Zuma Beach from Woolsey Fire by Steven Lippman

HUMANE SOCIETY OF VENTURA COUNTY: They are still accepting animals that have been evacuated and are in need of sanctuary for dogs, cats, horses and other domesticated animals.

LAFD FOUNDATION: Directly supports the LAFD in protecting life, property and the environment by providing essential equipment, training and outreach. 

CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION: Ranked higher than the Red Cross for management of finances and donations. Grants from their Wildfire Relief Fund have supported those who have been displaced or lost housing or jobs or suffered physical or mental health problems. They help to rebuild homes, basic needs assistance and more.

CARING CHOICES: This non profit organization has been doing an amazing job registering and organizing volunteers to help those affected by the Camp Fire in Northern California, the deadliest fire in this state's history. They help provide care and shelter for displaced animals and medical care for people who have been injured in the fire.

Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by these massive fires all over California. Many thanks to Steven Lippman for providing us with these images and keeping us updated on the Woolsey Fire.

For the most current fire updates and information on evacuation centers and shelters please visit
California's Current Fire Information site.

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