Laguna Beach is a little slice of heaven along the crowded and busy Southern California coast. From hidden, dreamy coves and fickle waves to suntanned beach bums and upscale art galleries, it's quietly evolved (or devolved depending on how you look at it) from its hippy, free loving roots into a global tourism mecca. But if you spend the time to dig past it's high class facade, one may find themselves at the nearly 20 year old storefront that is the closest thing to a surf time capsule you'll find 'round these parts. Thalia Surf Shop is that place.

Ty Williams, Rama Mccabe, Dane Peterson and Jared Mell out front of the Banks Journal window at Thalia Surf Shop

They're known around the industry as an exception to the rule that mainstream surf is the only way to survive. Having snuffed their noses to most of the big guys in the industry, they instead celebrate the homegrown, 70's revival of surf, and it's on these shelves that we recently debuted our latest collaboration, the Banks Journal Studio Collection by Ty Williams.

The Banks Journal Studio Collection by Ty Williams at Thalia Surf Shop

Corey Brindley DJing the Banks Journal Studio party at Thalia Surf Shop

Scott Stinett and a Laguna art walk posse at Thalia Surf Shop

Along with celebrating our friendly artist and his creations, we had a few friends join in on the fun. Local Laguna vegan extraordinaire, Kung Fu Tonic, served up some healthy vegan treats along with Madre Mezcal, who provided the smoky cocktails for the evening. And our good friends at Slowtide Towels supported the event and brought their new collab towels from Ty, too!

Madre Mezcal served up some mezcal drinks at the Banks Journal Studio party at Thalia Surf Shop

Kung Fu Tonic at Thalia Surf Shop in Laguna Beach

Tom Goad at the Banks Journal party at Thalia Surf Shop

Wylie diggin the Madre Mezcal drinks at Thalia Surf Shop

Meanwhile our own Brindles spun some vinyl on the turntables to keep the good vibes flowing. Needless to say, the event was one helluva time, with Ty Williams hanging out and hand-drawing notes of encouragement on custom postcards in hopes his art may travel around the world by way of the ancient postage stamp.

Ty Williams drawing on postcards at the Banks Journal party at Thalia Surf Shop

Some Laguna girls at the Thalia Surf and Banks Journal Studio party

Artist Mike Kershnar and Thalia Surf owner Nick Cocores

DJ Brindles at Thalia Surf Shop with his Congos Album

Artist Ty Williams with the legend of mezcal Stefan Wigand

Many thanks to all who helped and came out for a night of art and good vibes, and as always, muchas gracias to photographer Evan Schell of The Slippery Saltwater Chronicles for snapping away throughout the night. Be sure to check out the Banks Journal collection at Thalia Surf and if you find yourself in their neck of the woods, drop on in, they may have a postcard for ya.

The Banks Journal crew at Taco Loco in Laguna Beach

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