A few weeks ago we curated a photo exhibition at Byron Bays HabitatPopped Space to spot light this seasons Banks Journal Studio artist Lachlan Marley. The mixed medium exhibition of Lachlan's titled 'Post Apocalyptic' comprised of new works and visions of happenings in the world today with the photographs used on his collaborative Banks Journal Studio t-shirts

Sensitive to the ever-changing environment around him Lachlan's work is in perpetual reaction to the transience of ideas, surroundings, forms, and ways of being. 

Lachlan’s work is the result of a necessity to touch and to observe what comes of the interaction between thought, contact and observation.

The clean walls of the lovely space were perfect for the unique eco systems of Lachlan's installation wonderland. 

The good folks at Popped Space inside Habitat were ever so kind to let us occupy their walls for the evening.

The man him self Lachlan Marley with the heir to the throne of Photographic Royalty Justin Crawford. 

We served up grits that kept with the title of the show 'Post Apocalyptic' and got experimental utilizing foods that normally go to waste and smoking the meat of tuna heads and slow cooking beef shins although these are not the sought after meat preferred they were quite the tasty treat!

From what we hear the legends over at Dead East Bar Co were free pouring those Gin & Bucha concoctions and handing out Balter Cans like they were going out of fashion. Well done boys!

Sorry to anyone that went to Bay Leaf whilst the exhibition was on. By the looks of it they were all at Popped Space soaking in the good vibes!

The grassy knoll out the front was a crowd fave for the eclectic crowd.

A huge thank you to Lachlan for all the hard work put into this delightful afternoon. I hope you cleaned up all that dirt!

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