Banks Artist Journal: The Photos of Ryan Tatar

Along with providing us with some amazing imagery, we asked Tatar to curate a playlist,
a sort of soundtrack to the below images.
Highly recommend pressing play before scrolling down.
Palm Tree photo by Ryan Tatar

Photo of a view of an empty surf lineup by Ryan Tatar
Empty horizon photo on expired film by Ryan Tatar

Tatar is an American photographer whose subject matter is influenced by his love for the open road and the Californian coast. His film photos have been showcased around the world for their embodiment of the laid back surf culture he lives and breathes.
Photo on expired film of lone surfer by Ryan Tatar
Photo of vintage VW bus surf van by Ryan Tatar
We chose Ryan Tatar for our most recent Artist Journal Series, a creative outlet we put together once a season with friends outside the clothing realm, enabling them to showcase their work on a different canvas than what they're used to.
Photo of Surf Village by Ryan Tatar
Surfer in the lineup by Ryan Tatar
Ryan Tatar Photo walking along an empty raised platform trail

Check out the tees we created with Ryan over on our Artist Journal Page. And for more of his work, pop on over to

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