Backyard Boogie with North Menswear

To celebrate the Spring solstice and our latest collection, we travelled down to the epically curated North Menswear storefront in Laguna Beach for some wild tiki times infused with tequila, tacos, and some good ol' fashioned record spins.

The Macaw Bar setup at North Menswear

The Banks Journal Hula Woven out front of North Menswear

Tiki Tom Goad behind the Macaw Bar

DJ Brindles (aka Corey Brindley) behind the turntables with some vintage tiki sounds

Tequila provided by Los Sundays

Taco time at North Menswear with Banks Journal

Fellow Macaw Bar enthusiasts

Drew Meseck of North Menswear

Pete and Tom hanging couterside at North Menswear

Buncha hippies in Laguna Beach

Tom Goad adding a bit of flavor to some delicious Los Sundays Tequila

DJ Brindles on the 1's and 2's

Thanks to all that came out and made the event a success with nothing but good vibes, food, and tunes! Next time you're in Laguna, definitely be sure to stop into North Menswear and say whats up to Pete and Drew! Until next time.... 

The Banks Journal Crew get freaky in the tiki

 Many thanks to the legend Evan Schell of The Slippery Saltwater Chronicles for capturing some sneaky tiki photos of the event!

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