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Dec 21, 2017

A Proper East Coast Pop Up With Annex Surf Supply

Celebrating the Holiday Season in near freezing temps with some brews, tunes, and good times.

We recently had the pleasure of installing a nice little pop up space at Annex Surf Supply, a humble little surf haven located in Wilmington, North Carolina. To celebrate, we had the mighty Pabst Blue Ribbon provide a few cases of frosty elbow benders, some live tunes and an exhibit by local photographer Lindy Schoenborn.

Tom Goad of Banks Journal hiding behind a can of beer at Annex Surf Supply
Clocking in at a rainy outside temp just above freezing, warm bodies crammed into every nook and cranny that Annex could provide and helped us launch our new Holiday Collection in proper East Coast fashion. Now that the dust has settled and the cobwebs have cleared, we figured it a good time to recap the festivities and introduce you to all that is Annex Surf Supply, compliments of their buyer Logan.

Photo of the Holiday pop up by Banks Journal at Annex Surf Supply
BANKS JOURNAL: So when was the shop founded? 
SURF ANNEX: We launched in the spring of 2013.

BANKS: What’s the story behind Annex, how’d it come about? 
SURF ANNEX: Annex came about when Mike Barden, owner of Surf City Surf Shop, and shop manager Chris Batten, realized that our smaller emerging brands were getting lost in the mix over at Surf City sitting next to brands like Quik & Billabong. So they decided to give them their own space. They integrated a curated retail with a full service coffee bar. The goal was to give our customers a completely new experience while shopping and a welcoming place to hangout and talk surf.

Photographer Lindy Shoenborn
 What sets Annex apart from the rest, things that make it special? 
SURF ANNEX: Compared to all the shops in town it's more community oriented. We're lucky to have the opportunity to make it that way since we have our main stay, Surf City, across the street. We host a lot of art shows & different events that help bring our little surf community closer! We also have a full service cafe in the shop & the only surf club in town. 

BANKS: How's the surf scene in Wilmington and the Carolinas?
SURF ANNEX: Actually pretty decent to compared to what most would think! The waves can get really fun, especially during hurricane season. We're also lucky enough to be only a short drive or ferry ride to the Outer Banks of North Carolina which pick up more swell than Wrightsville. 

Annex Surf Supply Girls with a case of PBR
BANKS: What current boards are you guys stoked on at the moment? 
SURF ANNEX: Guys at the shop have been pretty jazzed up on a few of the shapes Ryan Lovelace has been cranking out, like the Re.bowls & the little quad t.Revs! 

BANKS: Where do you see surf culture headed in the next 5 years? 
SURF ANNEX: Hard to say... Hopefully it'll blow up & You, Tom, Rama & myself will become filthy rich & all buy some sick cars.

The Annex Surf Supply shop dog having a taste of the evenings beverages
BANKS: Hahaha, speaking of filthy, how’d the party go that we threw with ya?
SURF ANNEX: It was rad, the PBR was flowing like the mighty Mississippi! Not to mention Tom's (Banks' California Sales Manager) a mad man! We had a great turn out & I think we really got to get Banks in front of a lot of new faces.

Check out more of what Annex Surf Supply has to offer and many thanks to Hunter Milligan for providing the 35mm photos of the night's festivities and to Pabst Blue Ribbon for the ice cold beers!


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