Summer time always takes me back to my mid teens soaking up those humid days full of fun and no real worries in the world. I can taste the salt water so clearly still. There isn't much I wouldn't give up to enjoy some of those days again. Even if I was sunburned everyday. 

As a brand, Banks Journal has always felt so comfortable in those summer months. I guess it makes sense when much of who we are is derived from a childhood loving every sun drenched minute of our favorite time of the year. We spent all of our teens living in board shorts, continuously testing and commenting on what one another were wearing. In away this was grooming us to become designers or at least product developers. Hopefully this love of the warmer days comes across in our thoughtfully designed board shorts and wider Summer collection.

For a while now we have been pretty repetitive in how we produce our campaigns. I guess I can be a creature of habit but I also just like working with the same people. There is a level of comfortability and also clear expectations when you’ve worked with the same crew for a long time. This campaign was a perfect marriage of my repetitive nature along with the addition of some fresh ideas and a new set of eyes.

Our new Art Director, Tristan Bower joined our little family towards the end of last year with a huge sigh of relief from myself. It’s not always easy letting go but when you have someone like Tristan taking the reins it sure makes it easier. It has been a pleasure having him apart of the brand and seeing him massage his view of Banks Journal into our upcoming campaigns.

 It is far from just one person that brings these shoots to life. There is so much support before, during and after to bring you all the glossy final images that end up on our website, Instagram, email or annoying text campaign that you get from us. The cast and crew call sheets usually include; Designer, Design Assistant, Art Director, Social Media Manager, Photographer, Digi Tech, Photo Assistant, BTS Photographer, Videographer, Models, and sometime myself. I am just usually there to annoy people a little... Or a lot depending on the day.

Another fresh face on this shoot was Sammy, one of our talents for the day. When Tristan brought him up as a potential model I was so thrilled! I had seen Sammy in a bunch of shoots over the past few years and always wanted to work with him. Sammy jelled with our little family really well and made the day go by effortlessly. Its not always the case when it comes to working with new crew so this was a pleasant surprise.

 Nate Smith is one of the best. I still remember meeting this fine feathered friend of ours back in 2018. We were up in Ojai shooting our Fall or Holiday campaign... I can’t quite remember but what i do know is those shoots were an absolute nightmare. I’m just happy that he stuck with us. He’s become our most regular muse and I don't see that stopping any time soon.

I think the only reason i really like going on these shoots is to spend time with these amazing group of people that bring Banks Journal to life. Seeing them all in their element creating is such a pleasure. One other reason is capturing the last shot of the day. These group shots are everything to me. 

From everyone here at Banks Journal we really hope you adore the Summer Collection as much as we do bringing it to you. The collection will be live and ready for you at 9am PST on June 3rd.

Words & Images by Rama McCabe.

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