Banks Journal presents the RAEN Curated Collection. Made in limited quantities, this modern seaside assortment draws inspiration from the shade cast by their premium quality eyewear celebrating contemporary beach culture.

This collection has organically been put together from the minds of two brands with a similar aesthetic and belief in a simple modern seaside lifestyle.

Location: It only seemed fitting that the location be at both parties favorite surfing spot the heart of Southern California’s surfing scene San Onofre. San O feels like a scene from a 1970’s surf dream where your pretty much guaranteed the perfect longboard ride, crowed but never short on supply.

Team: The man behind the lens was Zak Bush armed with his quiver of digital and film cameras, apple box and the wizard of lighting Adrian Alston. Mike Bromley capturing video, the lord of the BTS our own Jeremy Knies with Brandon Turner from RAEN directing the whole shoot. This group of like-minded creatives produced this rad campaign and scored a couple of waves during lunch break.

Design Inspiration: We used a custom hand painted artwork of brush strokes representing a salt water bleached effect embodying whitewash giving it a tye dye illusion giving new life to our Bucket Hat, Elastic Boardshort and Woven Shirt. What begin as a bit of an experiment, but the result being better than we expected RAEN then mirroring this into their signature best-selling style the Myles. We are proud that we were able to partner with Raen to achieve a more sustainable approach to the manufacturing of the frame having used an eco-friendly thermo plastic - ‘Bio plastic’

Launching May 17th, the Banks Journal x RAEN curated collection. 

This limited-edition collection is brought to you by our family of talented friends, and I would like to send out a massive thanks to Raen, Zak Bush, Adrian Alston, Jeremey KniesBrandon Turner, Ricky Barton and Nate Smith

Love your work, let’s do it again soon.

-Words & Images by Chris Schulstad

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