I really can't believe that we’re about to release our Fall 21 collection on the 20th of August. Like most brands this is a little later than we had wanted but gosh it’s come around so fast. I think secretly hoped that the Pandemic was going to slow things down a little but I feel like it's only complicated our business even more and made things speed up in turn. No complaints here, as we are still able to do what we love and spend time with people that inspire us. All in the name of bringing our mission to life which is to merge style and function with a sustainable approach to design & development.

This season we chose a hidden Mid Century home nestled away in the West Hollywood hills.

It was a perfect time capsule of the period with thoughtfully themed rooms including full bar and double stone fire place in the living area.

One of my favorite parts of the house was the blue kitchen with replica vintage appliances. You really felt like you went back in time where design was in its golden age.

This campaign had an added extra piece to it as we finally went ahead and included some video content. We were very lucky to to be introduced to Mike Bromley a little while back. He is a wizard behind a Red and really brings the product to life in away that still just cant capture.

As Banks Journal is still a small business with a few people wearing many different hats, these campaign shoots are a true team effort. I really couldn't imagine getting these done without each and everyone one of our talented friends.

A huge thank you to Zak Bush our photographer and his assistant Adrian Alston, Mike Bromley who came onto shoot video, Jacob McCabe who is our new Menswear Designer, Kim Schulstad who styled Nate, Ryan and Miles so so well, and lastly John Konno for bringing everything together behind the scenes. It was so great seeing this one come together.

Our Fall 2021 collection will be dropping into stores and Online on the 20th of August. We cant wait to see how you put together our collection.

Be sure to tag @banksjournal for all of your Banks Journal outfit choices.

- Words by Rama McCabe and images by Alex Terry

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