On March 1st we are going to be launching collection that was closely collaborated with the multi talented artist Dunkwell. Inspired by the sights and sounds of Tokyo, we bring you a range of pieces that have familiar silhouettes remixed with Dunkwell’s creative vision.

Born in Tokyo, art director, illustrator, graphic designer...creator / artist with a unique view of the world. Having deep knowledge in street culture. Dunkwell means to dunk well in paint and on to brush, and is also a statement to create and leave many designs to the world.

Although this collection was, literally, black & white, seeing it come to life in the studio brought a sense of real nostalgia. You know, when I first gazed upon this collection about a year ago, I instantly knew the photo ops were going to be ridiculous, a bit more dramatic than what we’re used to. I mean, how do you bring such gnarly, complex-felt pieces to life, keeping them in their appropriate setting?

You can’t just shoot these on any model in any setting. Rama McCabe our CEO and Co-Founder worked with Zak bush our campaign photographer, and pitched the idea of having the pattern projected on a silk backdrop – and boom, rest was history. This was a better idea than what I had in mind, which was to just shoot in an all-white studio. How...original, right?

Between Zak's two camera bodies (digital and film), I could just envision myself in Zak’s shoes - fully in his element, which is a beautiful feeling for a photographer. I would occasionally pull our model, Nate, aside to grab some stills for myself, and I recall feeling ecstatic on how well the natural light was complimenting the garments.

Selfishly, I think I’m more grateful for the collection because of how well it looked on camera, haha. I would say that some of the garments - the jacket and pants especially - are core essentials. And on the contrary, although some may not be in favor, I do know that this is a damn special collection. 

Our collaboration with the multi talented artist Dunkwell will be dropping into stores and Online on the 1st of March. We cant wait to share this collection with all of you.

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- Words and images by Jeremy Knies


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